At The Vorra Bistro, we are passionate about food, wine, and sustainability. Our food is locally and ethically sourced, supporting local farmers, and the Doi Kham Royal Project.

All Thai and Italian dishes are served by experienced and professional chefs or staff, committed to utilizing only the freshest ingredients, herbs, and customary recipes. Their dishes offer a variety of arousing aromas and flavors, stimulating your senses and delivering both original Thai and seasonally-inspired Italian cuisine.

The Vorra Bistro also offers a unique environment for private dining, with seating for up to 70 guests. We can tailor your group dining experience with appetizers of champignon dip, calamari, and larb salmon upon arrival, along with cocktails and wines in our bar area. This is followed by a sit-down dinner with options for a multi-course chef’s menu and sommelier-chosen wine pairings.


We would like to bring to Chiang Mai the same bistro dishes which you can find in local ristorante in Italy or that which is contemporary and popular in Bangkok, but at much more affordable prices. Even though the Vorra Bistro is attached to The Chiang Mai Riverside, the luxury boutique hotel residence, it isn’t a typical hotel restaurant, striving instead to attract discerning locals and tourists who visit us again and again. Our ambition is to make The Vorra Bistro a local favourite where friends like to gather, or families spending time together enjoying yummy and healthy products carefully-sourced from local as well as the Royal project Doi Kham produce. We try our best to create a menu with good quality and value-for-money.


Locally grown, locally produced, and locally made.

We are serious about health and environmental aspects. Freshly picked, landed or prepared ingredients are far more nutritious. Consuming local produce also means supporting local communities and farmers which is important to us, besides it minimizes the carbon footprint that ‘luxury’ often results in. This is why ‘farm to table’ and ‘sustainable’ are highly correlated. We use as much local produce as feasible, with only ingredients such as olive oil, seafood, and some dairy products sourced from afar. All fruits and a majority of proteins sourced locally, vegetables and herbs are grown in the kitchen gardens and by local growers.

With both current and old school cookery techniques used, in a relaxed yet professional setting, the Vorra Bistro is a true representation of the modern Chiang Mai. In short we aim for a top notch food in Chiang Mai at a very reasonable price.

Doi Kham Royal Project

This is a proud achievement of His Majesty King Bhumibol and the Royal Household, and for more than four decades since its pioneer project here in the North, the initiative has been helping farmers learn more sustainable and economically viable methods to earn a living.

Originally the project aimed to wean hill tribes off opium cultivation, providing them with greenhouses and know-how to grow edible and helpful crops. Before long, His Majesty found himself passionately touring the country, learning about agriculture and irrigation, and personally funding the development of sites in rural areas. Today there are some 300 villages and 15,000 people benefitting from the 35 development centres.

Education, research, development, production, marketing, distribution, and training in animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and even hydroponics have all been provided to these minorities or disadvantaged communities. Doi Kham is the nearest one to Chiang Mai, located near the Night Safari and Royal Flora Expo grounds, specializing in organic or pesticide free vegetables, supplying the public and restaurants of the city.

Flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables are produced for market. Vegetables such as leeks, carrots, lettuce and broccoli plus exotic fruits and flowers such as kiwi fruit, protean, pussy-willow, avocado, carnation — are grown for fresh or canned and puree sale. Herbs like mint, lemon thyme, rosemary and basil are also available to us from this project.

The Riverside Branch

The Vorra Bistro Riverside is housed in a beautifully one-storey building next to The Chiang Mai Riverside. The restaurant has two sections – the Al Fresco and the Contemporary Dining Room.

Al Fresco

A spacious open-air dining patio next to the river, flooded with natural light, with a wine cellar and cocktail bar. The perfect place for tasting our great selection of wines or sipping our favorite cocktails at dusk.
Al Fresco Dining in Chiang Mai.

The Contemporary Dining Room

Our casually elegant dining room is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, a friendly get together, or a business luncheon.
Fine dining in Chiang Mai.
Fine dining in Chiang Mai.

The Old Town Branch

The latest opening in Old Town has quickly gained the hearts and taste buds of Italian food lovers. The Vorra Bistro Old Town is a contemporary Italian trattoria. You will find various pasta, wood-fired pizzas and some modern surprises and small twists on recipes.

The romantic setting in the elegant Chiang Mai Old Town interior design envelops guests with open kitchen, pizza oven, and soon-to-be-open outdoor patio and bar.

Gourmet dining in Chiang Mai.
Gourmet dining in Chiang Mai.
Gourmet dining in Chiang Mai.