Fresh squeezed orange juice.
A selection of toasted grain breads, mini croissants, served with organic preserves and French butter.
Organic tea or press coffee.

High Five Breakfast

Fuel up for the day. If that’s what you need then look no further for a hearty meal to keep you going, packed full of farm-fresh produce.

Two organic eggs of any style, two slices of grilled pork, sautéed shiitake mushrooms and spinach, together with grilled new potatoes with sliced onion and pungent flavor of rosemary.

Taste of Asia

Awaken to the familiar taste of your favorite Asian breakfast.

Boiled rice porridge with a choice of Pork / Chicken / Prawns.
Silky smooth and tender Chinese egg custard with shiitake mushrooms and chopped green onions.
Soya bean milk with condiments.

Taste of Lanna

Essentially a Lanna breakfast full of flavor, eat like a local!

Gaeng Hang-lae (Northern Thai pork curry).
Nam Prik Ong (Thai Northern style tomato and minced pork relish) with boiled local vegetables.
Grilled Pork on sticks. Steamed sticky rice wrapped in fragrant banana leaves.

Provence Experience Breakfast (Vegetarian)

Leave a spring your step and enjoy a light but fulfilling breakfast

Crepes fourrees with wild mushroom and spinach.
Aubergines Farcies á la Provençale (grilled and stuffed eggplant recipe from Provence).
French yogurt with a selection of berries compote, toasted muesli and organic honey.

A mixture of organic greens tossed together with cherry tomato, topped with a light drizzle of healthy Japanese sesame dressing. Freshly cut seasonal fruits.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT