Foot Massage 足底按摩

The oriental traditional foot massage using acupressure points. A safe & effective way to promote & maintain good health.

60 minutes 1,200 THB

Foot Scrub & Massage 脚部磨砂、足底按摩

Deep clean with scrub following by foot massage. A perfect way to treat and recover your tiring feet.

60 minutes 1,500 THB

Traditional Thai Massage 泰式传统按摩

Thai massage concentrate on the pressure points of the whole body with muscle stretching movements to relax tight muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.

60 minutes 1,200 THB

Thai Massage with Hot Herbal Compress 泰式传统按摩、泰式草药按摩

Even better way to release soreness of your tight muscles, try traditional Thai massage with hot herbal compress ball treatment.

90 minutes 1,800 THB

Aromatherapy Massage 香薰按摩

Ease away all stress and strain with this soothing massage. Pure essential oil is used to induce deep & gentle relaxation.

60 minutes 1,700 THB

Sport Massage 运动按摩

The technique to relax the entire body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Pure essential oil is used to induce deep relaxation.

60 minutes 1,800 THB

Body Scrub 身体磨砂

Exfoliate the dead skin cells using combination of sea salt, essential oils, water, skin brush.

60 minutes 1,700 THB

Body Wrap 身体裹敷

Treatment where the body is pasted with herb and wrapped in a plastic sheet and kept under the heated blankets for about 20 minutes, allowing the skin to be pampered and moisturized. You can choose between cool Aloe Vera gel, a perfect treatment after a long day under the sun, or white cray wrap for extra moisturization of the skin.

60 minutes 1,700 THB

Warm Oil Massage 香薰热油按摩

Similar to regular aromatherapy oil massage, which utilizes essential oils from plants, leaves, and flowers to massage on pressure points of the body. Yet, the heated warm oil let you dive into the feeling of relaxation just moments after an oil is rubbed on the body as it helps soften and expand the muscle tissues.

90 minutes 2,200 THB

Facial Massage 脸部护理

Cleanses and improves the complexion of your cherished face. The treatment includes gentle exfoliation, application of facial mask & moisturizer and a facial massage. Suits everyone who yearns for a brighter and healthier facial skin.

60 minutes 1,800 THB

Hot Herbal Compress 泰式草药按摩

30 min 600 THB

Head & Shoulder massage 头、肩部按摩

30 min 600 THB

Prices are inclusive of 7% tax. No service charge.