We currently serve traditional Italian food at The Vorra Bistro at Old Town, traditional Thai food at Malao Malao at Riverside, and Buffalo-style chicken wings at The Wingers

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With both current and old school cookery techniques used, in a relaxed yet professional setting, the Vorra Bistro is a true representation of the modern Chiang Mai.

We are passionate about “traditional” food, wine, and sustainability.

We are serious about health and environmental aspects. Freshly picked, landed or prepared ingredients are far more nutritious. Consuming local produce also means supporting local communities and farmers which is important to us, besides it minimizes the carbon footprint that ‘luxury’ often results in. This is why ‘farm to table’ and ‘sustainable’ are highly correlated.

We use as much local produce as feasible, with only ingredients such as olive oil, seafood, and some dairy products sourced from afar. All fruits and a majority of proteins sourced locally, vegetables and herbs are grown in the kitchen gardens and by local growers.


The Vorra Bistro

At The Vorra Bistro at Old Town, you can find the same bistro dishes as in local ristorante in Italy serving traditional Italian food.

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tournedos rossini

Beef tenderloin grain fed sous vide 60 degree, demi truffle juice, pan seared foie gra, Parma ham, roasted baby roots, black olives oil.

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opening hours

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily

from 07.00am to 10.00 pm.